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Positive employee morale contributes to our success

It’s often said, “A person who feels appreciated will always do more than expected.” This is just as true on a construction project as anywhere else. The job site is a team environment. We know that our field workers are on the front lines and often become aware of problems or issues on a job site well before management. Open communication is the best way to know their concerns and give them a voice for positive change. Their feedback provides valuable information about what is working on site, and just as importantly what needs improvement. Their opinion matters and it contributes to the team effort. Thank you to all our employees for your hard work and dedication to each and every Ascent project. The Ascent Experience to an owner looks like a completed project that met their goals, was completed on time, and on budget. The Ascent Experience for our employees should look and feel like a collaborative team effort where ideas and skill sets are shared, concerns are heard and addressed, safety is a priority, risks are minimized, and the completed project is something for which they

can be proud. This is important to every Ascent project. An atmosphere where people like to do their jobs and enjoy coming to work does not happen by chance. And, most of the time, this environment is not created simply by good pay and benefits, although these definitely help. Instead, good employee morale is often the result of a variety of factors, working together to produce a contented, motivated and productive workplace. A high level of morale is essential for a company to succeed, especially today, when we are not only competing for work, but for talented workers. As Admiral Ernest J. King, a celebrated World War II Navy leader, once said: “Machines are nothing without men. Men are nothing without morale. It (morale) is a state of mind where there is confidence, courage and a zeal among people united in a common effort to succeed.” We appreciate each and every one of you, Thank you!

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